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Your Questions Answered: Can I use an image from another photographer for reference?

We love it when our clients bring visual examples of the moves they would like capturing. It gives us an idea of how to set the lighting and where you should be landing in position. However, what happens when you show us an image by another photographer?

Can I use an image from another photographer for reference?

The quick answer here would be yes. But it’s important to understand that a reference does not guarantee the same image. Not all photographers use the same lighting or setup, so the outcome will likely differ each time. The difference could be significant or slight, but it’s important to walk into the studio with the understanding that you may not be able to recreate an image you have seen elsewhere.

The KEP setup

If you have been to a KEP shoot in the past, you will likely be aware of the basic run-through we give everyone at the beginning of each timeslot. The lighting is designed to capture your body in a way that is flattering and empowering. This is often quite different from other photographers, who tend to have their own preferred lighting design and camera equipment.

For example, some photographers prefer to use a wide-angle lens for low down leg shot. And while this looks amazing in their portfolio, we use a different lens. As a result, the image will look slightly different, even if you use the same pose.

Inspire… Don’t imitate

We understand why you want to recreate an amazing image you have seen by another photographer, and we are more than happy to take a look at the pose you’d like to capture! But it’s important to remind yourself that each photographer provides a different service. A photo by KEP will always emphasise your strength and beauty, but it will always have our signature flare.