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Worried about your post-lockdown photoshoot?

If you have a shoot booked post-lockdown, it is understandable that you may feel nervous about returning to the studio. Many aerialists we spoke with on our first shoot back said they didn’t feel confident for numerous reasons, from lack of training or lockdown weight gain. But if you are worried about your post-lockdown photoshoot, we hope this article brings you peace of mind.

Leaving your post-lockdown photoshoot with confidence…

We have seen what a photoshoot can do for your confidence. So many clients came to us this past weekend packed with nerves but left with huge smiles on their faces! It makes us so happy to be able to show you how fantastic you are, with or without training.

One thing we advise is to have a plan as usual, but don’t force yourself to perfect your moves. It might help to create a mixed list of pretty poses and moves you have nailed for some time. That way, even if you did feel less confident holding a move, you still have plenty of gorgeous images to choose from at the end!

To make things easier, we put together two PDF guides, one for pole poses and one for hoop poses. It may help to look through these for ideas, as you can create some stunning imagery with minimal effort! After all, pole and aerial photography don’t just have to be there for capturing your progress. It can be a wonderful way to help you see how stunning you truly are, training or none!

At the end of the day, your first shoot back shouldn’t come with pressure. If anything, it should just be fun! Think of it as a confidence booster to help you prepare for your return to the studio and you’ll be sassing your way around the pole/hoop in no time.