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Update: Preparing for your next shoot with Katherine Elizabeth Photography

While Lacey and I have worked hard to provide shoot prep guides in the past, we will always think of something new as the months pass by. As it’s been almost a year since Lacey put together a guide on her blog, we decided it would be best to update you with some new tips!

Preparing for your next shoot

And if you’re completely new to shooting with KEP, we will still cover everything from top to bottom to ensure you know what to expect!

Sharing time

We still believe that sharing an hour will give you the opportunity to break between moves, but there are other ways for you to get the most out of your shared time.

If you’d like to get some doubles shots, you may want to put aside some time for that. We recommend reserving 10-20 minutes at the end (depending on how many doubles moves you have planned). For individual shots, you can either split the time evenly, or simply take it in turns until you’re ready to move on!

Make a list of 10-15 moves

You’d be surprised by how many moves you can capture in 30 minutes. If you only have 7-8 moves, take a peek in your Pole Bible, or speak to your instructor for advice on what moves you should add to your list.


If you still don’t have enough moves to fill the time and you find yourself in a panic about what to do next, we’ve got you covered! Check out these pose guides for some simple, yet awesome photos to end your shoot with!

Warming Up

Unfortunately, we are living in a COVID world at the moment. While we always advise you arrive early to allow time to warm up, it would be best you speak with the shoot organiser (this is usually an instructor or the studio owner) to ensure you follow their health and safety rules.

Start with an ego boost… Then level up!

Nerves are completely normal during a shoot but we have a trick to throw those worries out the window! Start with a move that looks cool but you know you can do. Once you see yourself on camera, you’ll be ready for the rest of the shoot!

After this, you need to think about levels. While we are more than happy to adjust the lighting to capture your body, the more we move them, the more it will eat into your time.

Whether it be pole or hoop, think about where your head will land. We recommend grouping together moves that land you on the same level so that we needn’t move the lighting around so much. It may seem easy to drop into a Gazelle on hoop after a Man in the Moon, but chances are you will have to stop and do it again as we will lose your beautiful face!

Be sure to bring in pictures too as we can help direct where you need to land to get the angle you’re after. It’s a bit like drawing; what you want to achieve in theory may not always come out the same in practice!

Three attempts

Sometimes, a move you usually nail in class just doesn’t want to work on the big day. This is perfectly normal, so don’t let it bring you down! Give yourself three attempts and if it’s still not going your way, move onto the next one and maybe come back to it later.


  • Clothing –  While small black pieces are usually fine, we would strongly advise against wearing anything black that covers your entire body for smoke and light movement shoots. This is because it will disappear on the black backdrop for the light movement and the moment you leave the smoke for smoke shoots! Instead, opt for colours or whites.
  • Skin Creases – Arriving in tight clothes such as jeans or belts could cause marks on the skin, which will appear in your images. We suggest wearing loose clothing that won’t leave any creases!
  • Hair – We do love a good hair drop. However, there are times where it may cover your beautiful face, leaving dark unflattering shadows. Be sure to bring a hair tie for certain moves!
  • Final thoughts…

    It’s going to be busy, so make sure you bring water to keep yourself well hydrated. You may also need your Dry Hands, so don’t forget that either!

    If you have any questions, we are here to help. Simply drop us an email regarding your concerns and we will help put your mind at ease!