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Out of the comfort zone

Milk bath photo shoot

So a few weekends ago I jumped out of the comfort zone and in front of the camera. Now I’m known to take the odd selfie but to have someone point a camera at you is a completely different story. So, while having a fun weekend shooting with my girls I decided to get involved. Once everything was set up it was super easy for my friends to click away on the camera.

Gel lighting in studio setup. Left light – Blue and Red, Right light – Blue

My first image was me on the pole with my super fun gel lighting. Now I’m not going to lie I particularly dislike this image. It took me hours to edit and I still don’t like it. I found myself during the editing process over editing, as we are our own worst critics I just couldn’t find anything I liked.

However, this was not a waste, during the process I found the importance of support and motivation. Every second I was in front of the camera my girls were cheering, telling me how fab I looked and keeping me going. So this brought me to continue on with our next image.

Studio – One key light

Now I was super happy with the outcome of my milk bath shoot. This was my friends idea, usually you’d use cornflower however with our last minute organisation we settled for soya milk. The flowers, a lovely surprise from my partner, were on their last legs and a perfect addition to our dreamy set. I probably still ended up spending way more time editing this image than I usually would spend editing, however I was much happier with the outcome. 

I don’t think I really realised how much we critic ourselves until I had to actually sit there and edit my own flaws. I tried to be as true as I could and I didn’t want to erase who I was, but this was my hardest editing task by far. This has given me a better understanding of why some of my clients tell me to edit out all their wrinkles, cellulite and everything which makes us human. I always wondered why as I thought they looked fantastic. However, I will continue doing minimal editing for my clients as I always find at the end of the day once they get their pictures back they are always 100% happy and rarely ask for further editing. Even though editing my own flaws was difficult, getting in front of the camera gave me a new kind of confidence and such a better understanding of what its like being there. 

Katherine Elizabeth

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