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Manchester College MUA’s

Manchester College MUA’s

I had the opportunity to work with 3 students at the Manchester College last month. It was a great experience and I thought I would share it with you guys. I really enjoyed being back in the creative student environment; I spend most of the week running up to their exhibition at the college. I have missed these days very much after leaving university.


Isabella Nelly

I will start with the first first project I worked on.  This was with Isabella Nelly, she had posted in the Manchester Modelling – For Models, Photographers, MUA (If you aren’t on there and are interested in any of these professionals I definitely suggest joining). From there we arranged our shoot, she had two models however last minute one cancelled. Fortunately her friend filled in and did a fab job.

The First Shoot

Karyse Coley was the first model with Isabella Nelly. For this look we went with coloured gels to light up the backdrop different colours. I decided to go with pink, purple and blue, which worked really well. After the success with the gel lights we decided to continue this theme for the next model using yellow, red and orange. With this in mind Isabella used these colours in her makeup. I absolutely love the vibrancy of these ones compared to the darkness of Karyse’s set.


Amy Walsh

I had previously worked with Amy on a milk bath shoot (yet to be revealed), so when I saw her looking for a photographer I jumped at the chance to work with her again. She was working on a Harry Potter themes shoot. She had already done two house themed shoots but was looking for someone to help it Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.


The Second Shoot

Amy’s shoot was my second shoot with a Manchester College student project. First up we did Hufflepuff with model Christina Maria Murphy, which was yellow themed. I decided to do a yellow backdrop using gel lighting. The backdrop didn’t quite come out the shade I was looking for so I corrected this in the post processing.

Next up was Gryffindor, where we made use of the red and gold colours. Our model was Aly Henshall with wonderful ginger hair to give us those Hermione Vibes. I went with a black backdrop for this one to avoid overdoing it with the colours. This was a super fun project to do and Amy’s final exhibition looked incredible!

Jade Ankers

Last but not least was my shoot with Jade Ankers. We had recently been in touch on Purple Port but never managed to arrange a shoot. When she put out her casting call I applied as I loved her work and ideas.


The Third Shoot

Jades shoot was separated into two different shoots. The first was a studio shoot which was an edgy bridal shoot. We worked with Kira Kruegar and Jade got hold of her sisters wedding dress. Jade wanted something a little dark so I used a black backdrop and played with shadows.

The next shoots was an Avant-garde shoot in which Jade had handmade an incredible dress for. Modelling was Pixie from Vauhaus agency who was perfect for the part. We went to a little wooded area behind the college to get the pictures and made use of the wonderful natural light. I was super happy with how these pictures came out and are published in Junes issue of Femme Rebelle magazine.

My Thoughts

It was so great being back in this type of environment and helping the students during a stressful time. All of the work I did was a collaboration as it was something I wanted to help with.  After this experience I’ve decided to offer one free photoshoot a month for students to help with their degrees. This is open to any course, not just hair and makeup but other courses which require photography of their work. If this is something you want to do drop me an email at

Overall this was a great project and I would love to get involved with more.

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