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Lockdown Life: Keeping up with Katherine Elizabeth

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, “what’s going on with the shoots?” But there is no need to panic. From 25th July, the KEP team will be back on the road and all shoots that were arranged from this date onwards!

And there’s good news for postponed shoots too! Every single photoshoot that was postponed now has a new date – so keep an eye out for announcements from either us or your studio if you haven’t heard anything already!

So, what have we been doing?

As many of you know, Lacey and I have been very busy keeping the KEP brand alive and well throughout lockdown. Not only have we created care packages for people to enjoy, but I have been raising money for the NHS by offering smoke silhouette images! These have been a great success and we managed to raise a total of £545 so far!

Lockdown has also been a small blessing in disguise. One very small downside to having a photoshoot almost every weekend is that finding the time to work on new ideas can be difficult. However, with photoshoots rescheduled for later this year and 2021, I was able to theorise new ideas. So, there is a lot to expect from the KEP team next year!

Looking at 2021…

Despite the setbacks of 2020, 2019 has shaped the path for the end of this year and 2021. Not only do we have studios booked for smoke shoots, but we will be very busy with the lights and crystallised series. If you aren’t familiar with these, click here to find out more.

KEP on the road

Looking further ahead, we have super exciting plans in the works! We want to ensure the KEP team can travel wherever at the easiest convenience, which is why aim to invest in a new van that can carry all the equipment and accommodate myself and Lacey comfortably.

We have big plans for how we will make this work and how it will benefit you guys as well, so watch this space!

Final thoughts

I am overwhelmed by all of the support Lacey and I have received during these uncertain times. We’ve had so much love, kindness, patience from everyone and it means the world to us.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been apart of this, keep on shining!