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Hello World

Hello World!

So I’ve finally decided to set up a blog on my website. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, with so many ideas and inspiration surrounding me I thought here would be the perfect place to communicate it all with you! Here you will find information on my latest shoots, upcoming ideas or even things that inspire my work. Although, I must admit this isn’t my first blog.  During my university degree I set up a blog updating my followers and kickstarter supports on my final year project. I found writing all my ideas down and giving myself the chance to really explain the creative process behind my work opened up so many new doors of creativity. If you’d like to view my previous website it can be found at 

I can’t wait to get writing and start showing you guys the real side to my work and how I have achieved it! Stay tuned!


07/02/18 at 3:55PM

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