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Friendly competition in Photography

Competition in photography is something that can motivate you to work hard and offer the best services possible. However, if you have ever wondered if I aim to beat every other pole and aerial photographer out there, this isn’t quite the case. As this is such a competitive industry, I believe it’s important to lift up others while focusing on myself. Each photographer has something unique to bring to the table and toxic competition doesn’t help anyone.

Friendly competition in photography: No Enemies


I’m not saying that all photographers are best friends. There are one or two who like to cheat the game. However, this has nothing to do with the industry, but the person. However, the majority of photographers would agree that it isn’t healthy to view their competition as an “enemy”. This only leads to tension, drama and potentially a client divide.

Inspiration within reason

Something any photographer can take away from their friendly competitors is a sense of inspiration. I don’t mean you should copy their work, but there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to those whose work you admire for friendship and small pieces of advice. Photography is a constantly developing industry and you evolve with practice. We can all learn something from each other!

Finding my style

I admire many photographers, both in and out of the pole/aerial field. However, what I learn from their work will always be used as a way of aiding my own style. I’m known for my smoke shoots, and my choice of lighting and editing are developed from what I have learned over the years to create something that is unique to me. But I will always see the beauty in what others create!

Photographers who inspire me

Whether it be local or worldwide, there are so many wonderful photographers out there who inspire me and encourage me to keep working hard at perfecting my style. A few of these are:

The reason these guys inspire me is that not only to they demonstrate such impressive technical abilities, but their styles stand out. It’s so easy to know then an image belongs to them because of their uniqueness.

This is just a small selection, but their approaches to photography differ greatly. But if what you’re after is an edgy smoke shoot for your studio, get in touch! If you’d like to stay up to date with upcoming shoots across the UK, join my mailing list.

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