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Worried about your post-lockdown photoshoot?

If you have a shoot booked post-lockdown, it is understandable that you may feel nervous about returning to the studio. Many aerialists we spoke with on our first shoot back said they didn’t feel confident for numerous reasons, from lack of training or lockdown weight gain. But if you are worried about your post-lockdown photoshoot, …

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An environmentally conscious approach to photography

Something anyone will notice when entering a studio shoot is how much physical equipment is involved. From backdrops and lighting to the camera and accessories, there are so many elements used in a studio shoot. And when you think about the use of props and energy usage, it can make you wonder how eco-friendly this …

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Lockdown Life: Keeping up with Katherine Elizabeth

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, “what’s going on with the shoots?” But there is no need to panic. From 25th July, the KEP team will be back on the road and all shoots that were arranged from this date onwards! And there’s good news for postponed shoots too! Every single photoshoot that was …