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An environmentally conscious approach to photography

Something anyone will notice when entering a studio shoot is how much physical equipment is involved. From backdrops and lighting to the camera and accessories, there are so many elements used in a studio shoot. And when you think about the use of props and energy usage, it can make you wonder how eco-friendly this industry its. Can you have an environmentally conscious approach to photography?

While there are only so many changes we can make to reduce our carbon footprint, we thought it might be a good idea to share with you guys what the KEP team do to help the environment.

Smoke Shoots

A lot of new clients tend to assume that our smoke shoots are created using smoke bombs. However, these are not something you can use indoors without creating a hazard. What’s more, they’re not kind to the environment either. So, what do we use instead?

For a safe and eco-friendlier approach to smoke photography, we use a smoke machine. In fact, what we release isn’t smoke at all, it’s mostly water! This is then mixed with coloured lighting that creates the same effect as a smoke bomb. What’s more, to do a full day shoot using smoke bombs, you would need so many! We only need to refill our little bottle no more than twice during a weekend of shooting.

Backdrops and flooring

Until recently, we have been using paper backdrops for all shoots. This sounds great in theory, but given how many Pleaser Heels cause piercings within a matter of hours, going through roll after roll can lead to wasteful resources. So, we have since invested in vinyl flooring, designed to last much MUCH longer than paper. Though paper will still remain part of the backdrop, for the time being, there is very little chance of a stiletto tearing through the back (we hope)!

Many people also assume that we use tin foil for the Crystalised series, but this is not the case. We made a reusable backdrop that can be scrunched and stretched over and over again, meaning nothing goes to waste. While we have only used it a few times, it hasn’t shown any signs of age, so we have hope that it will last forever!

Light-up Pleasers

It would not be financially possible for us to invest in light-up Pleasers in every colour and size. So, how have we made it possible to include them in our shoots?

After many months of research, we found light up bands that are completely rechargeable. This means no batteries will go to waste, and we haven’t contributed to the mass production of light-up Pleasers!

These are just a few steps we have taken to reduce wastage and cut back on our carbon footprint, but we aim to continue making positive changes where possible in the future. While it may not be something everyone thinks about when it comes to photography, we feel it is important to keep everyone informed, should you ever have questions about our ethos.